The benefits of having a 401 (k) plan

Taxes are mostly deducted from your salary when you withdraw from the account, this is the main reason the employers introduced the This plan helps employees invest and save some of their salaries before it is taxed, it is an employer sponsored plan for retirement savings. The 401 (k) plan came to be after the cost of operating pension funds escalated, this forced the employers to look for an alternative. The main advantage of the 401 (k) arrangement is its tax efficient, it will also reduce your overall taxation.

The plan is tax effective


Another benefit of this plan is that you get to deduct a small amount each month, and you decide how the amount will be invested. Usually the amount is deducted directly from your paycheck, in most of these plans you are offered a variety of mutual funds. This may be composed of money market, bonds, and stock investments. Most seem to target investments with a redemption date, like bonds or stocks because it is more conservative. With the 401(k) arrangement, the administration is managed by the employer and they may even add to your contributions thus increasing the returns.

Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Electronic appliances can undergo a sudden breakdown at any time and so can your air conditioning system. It is futile to look for a reputed air conditioner repair service provider after the breakdown of your appliance. It may take days to first search for a service provider who can provide a quality repair at reasonable rates. You may have to end up in the brand service store where you may get a quality repair but you will have to pay exorbitant charges. To avoid any such unfavorable situations, it is better to look for a reputed Port St Lucie air condition repair service provider even when your air conditioning system is operating efficiently.

Yearly preventative maintenance scheme


After your search for the most reputed air conditioning repair service provider is over, look into their schemes and plans. Many companies offer a scheme of yearly preventative maintenance. The service providers offer various maintenance services for your air conditioner throughout the year which will reduce the chances of breakdown of your air conditioning system. Even if your air conditioner breaks down during the period of contract, your service and maintenance provider will fix it without any delay. These yearly preventative maintenance schemes come with affordable annual charges.

Good customer service

While looking for the perfect air conditioning repair service providers ensure that they provide good customer care service. They should be responsive to your request or query so that you get your services on time.

The best Port St. Lucie air condition repair service provider should offer various service schemes and an outstanding customer service to get satisfaction of their customers.

Tips for selling the best real estate deals

Selling the house is a prime objective of the real estate agent. Before selling the house the sellers looks to keep clean picture of the house for the buyers. There are certain factors which the seller need to concentrate on before going into an estate agreement with the buyers. The realtor Stuart fl will provide you a house with tip toed arrangements which will be liked by the clients. But being a seller you will also have to keep things ready to attract buyers.

Make attractive entrance while keeping it clean


While a buyer goes on to take a look at the house he will first look at the entrance point of the house. There should a good street appeal from a distance to grab the buyer’s eye. The roads of the entrance should be clean and there should not any garbage bins near the doorsteps with garbage lying here and there. The seller should keep in mind that walls, windows and doors should glitter from outside so that the buyers don’t calculate how much he needs to spent on renovating the house.

Well organized and glossy interiors

The seller also needs to check the minute details of the interior before making the buyer enter the place. He needs to check the bedroom is in good condition or not, whether the doors of the bedrooms can be easily opened or shut and locks are easy to use or not. Secondly whether the tiles in the kitchen are fitted properly and the bathroom fittings are in good condition or not. Sellers will also check the lights in the rooms are sufficient or not. However the Realtor Stuart fl is such real estate agent who would check everything before handing over the house to buyers.

Reading made easy with digital books

Digital books commonly known as eBooks have revolutionized the way in which people read their favorite publications. The days when people sat in libraries and coffee shops reading their favorites are history. People are increasingly choosing to read digital books during their leisure time. Most people search the World Wide Web to find reliable sites that allow them to download their favorite books and publications. With eBooks life has become simple and you can carry as many books as you want without any inconvenience or needing huge space in your travel bags.

The digital books available on EBooks Genius can be easily downloaded with a simple click of the mouse. This means you can read the materials at any time in a location as per your comfort and convenience. So whether you are waiting for your friends or have a free lecture, you can read these books through your handheld smart devices. Your smart gadgets are also able to hold music files, which makes reading the digital books more entertaining while you simultaneously enjoy your favorite music.


Downloading books through a reputed site like EBooks Genius has several benefits. The site offers a wide collection on books in various languages classified under several categories. This makes it easy for users to search and download the desired books. Reading the digital books is very convenient because only one page is displayed at a time. Moreover, you do not have to hold these books while you read and can make as many copies of the books as you like.

Vitamin D3 Benefits

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

As we all know, “Sun is the ultimate source of all the energy of this system” but, how does that relate to vitamin D? Well, this vitamin has not been named the sunshine vitamin for nothing; in fact, the rays that come from the sun can directly help your skin manufacture this most beneficial vitamin in your body itself.

What is Vitamin D chemically? Vitamin D is a Secosteroid, fat soluble and is found in five different forms in nature named as, Vitamin D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. Of these five forms, D2 and D3 are found in the human body. Vitamin D2 is known as Ergocalciferol and Vitamin D3 is known as Cholecalciferol. It is Vitamin D3 or Cholecalciferol that can be produced by the exposure of the skin to the UV rays of the sun from 7-dehydrocholesterol; its precursor, which is present in your skin. Vitamin D2 is produced in certain fungi, phytoplankton and invertebrates from exposure to UV rays, thus, it enters the human body from external resources.

How Does the Vitamin Work?

It is Vitamin D3 that is manufactured and used in the human body. In the skin, it is present in the dormant form as 7-dehydrocholesterol, which when exposed to UV-B radiation gets converted to Cholecalciferol pr Vitamin D3, also called as Vitamin D for convenience sake. This Vitamin D then enters the blood stream and from there to the liver, to be further converted in to prohormone, Calcidiol. This Calcidiol is again converted to the Calcitriol form, by either the monocytes macrophages of the immune system or in the kidneys.

The ‘Calcitriol’ is responsible for all the properties of Vitamin D and is its physiologically active form. Well, now let us see the benefits that you can get by including vitamin D in your diet.

Helps in both formation & dissolution of bones and maintains their mineral content

Vitamin D is very instrumental in maintaining the mineral density and content of the bones in your body. It not only helps in absorption of calcium and formation of bones with the help of Osteoblasts, but also helps in the resorption (removal of bone tissue) of the extra mineral content from the bone, by increasing the number of the Osteoclasts, which are responsible for dissolving the excess bone tissues.

It also maintains the optimum level of phosphorus and calcium, during the process of bone formation.

Balances Calcium & Phosphorus levels in the body & promotes their absorption

Vitamin D promotes the absorption of the calcium and phosphorus from the food, in the intestine and also helps in their proper metabolism. It also regulates the functioning of Calcitonin and the Parathyroid hormone, which are responsible for maintaining the phosphorus and calcium levels in the serum.

Helps in proliferation and differentiation of the cells

Vitamin D is known as a stimulant for initiating controlled proliferation of cells, followed by their differentiation, which are specially required for the healing of wounds.

Regulates the functioning of your immune system

Various scientific studies have shown that Vitamin D Receptors or VDRs are present in many White Blood Cells or the WBCs, including monocytes along with B and T cells. It has been further shown that, Vitamin D is a modulator of the immune system and it not only helps in enhancing the immunity but it also prevents the WBCs from attacking the healthy cells of the body; the cause for development of autoimmune diseases. Thus, it plays a crucial role in preventing these autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes mellitus and also gives protection from external infections by enhancing immunity.

Helps in the development of neurons and initiates stress response

Vitamin D helps in the biological synthesis of the Neurotrophic factors; proteins assigned with the task of helping the developing neurons in their growth and also protecting them from damage and further maintaining the mature ones. This way, Vitamin D helps in the development and management of neurons, both in the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. It is keeps our brains in active state, especially during the later stages of the life.

Vitamin D also helps our body respond to stress and other such conditions by increasing the expression of the gene, tyrosine hydroxylase, from the medullary cells, which results in increased levels of adrenaline in the body, which is very helpful under the conditions of stress.

Helps in controlling diabetes

Researches have shown the capability of the Vitamin D in influencing and maintaining the secretion of insulin in the blood, which is responsible for the effective metabolism of glucose in your body; thus, the Vitamin helps in reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and increases the Glucose tolerance inside the body.

Reduces the risk of development of cancer

As you may know that, cancer is uncontrolled proliferation of cells; this proliferation of cells inside the tumors can also be termed as morphogenesis. Now, there is a hormone known as Hedgehog, that promotes this morphogenesis and our Vitamin D inhibits the transduction of its signals naturally, thus, reducing the risk of morphogenesis and Cancer.

With all these above mentioned benefits, Vitamin D can also reduce the severity of asthma and can also be very useful in keeping the high blood pressure under control. The other functions of this vitamin that are being researched include its influence on the nitric acid cycle. Nitric Oxide is a Cellular signaling molecule and is regulated by Glutathione; studies have revealed that Vitamin D helps in increasing the level of glutathione, thus, indirectly helping in the regulation of Nitric acid cycle.

Now, let us see, what can be the outcomes of the deficiency of this vitamin.

Deficiency of vitamin D

A deficiency of vitamin D leads to a decreased bone density, which can lead to several diseases like Osteomalacia and Rickets and can further lead to increased risk of fracture and Osteoporosis. But, maintaining a regular intake of this vitamin is not at all difficult; so why to take chances of developing any deficiency at all?

Possibility of over dosage and side effects

Over dosage of Vitamin D is very rare but, if it occurs, it can lead to hypercalcemia, a condition where the blood calcium levels become extremely high and may result into kidney stones, bone loss and also organ calcification, if remains untreated.

So, you can see, Vitamin D is very special and essential for your body because of its unique benefits, and to top it all, it can be easily produced in the skin cells of your own body. So, all you need to do is, to take care, that your body gets it regularly and if it is not possible from the natural resources like sunshine, then you can also go for artificial supplements, that are easily available in the market.

Ginseng Benefits

Ginseng: A natural Stress Buster and Energy Booster

It is an ancient belief that; the plant or herb is best suited for that part of the body which it resembles in shape, like; Kidney beans will benefit the kidney most as they resemble them. So, if the same theory is applied to Ginseng, you will have to conclude that, it is beneficial to the entire body, as the thick fleshy root, resembles human body in structure. Now-a-days every one is talking about ginseng and its benefits, but, what is this ginseng; let me tell about it first.

It is perennial plant and grows at a very slow speed; it comes under the genus Panax, which are famous for their fleshy roots. The varieties of Ginseng available in the market are Siberian Ginseng, Panax Ginseng and Korean Ginseng with Ginseng Tea also being available. Ginseng is an adaptive herb; an adaptive herb is the plant or herb which has the power of combating stress, anxiety, fatigue and trauma and increase resistance against them; it is also known for its aphrodisiacal, general stimulant and analgesic tendencies. Now, let’s go straight to the composition of this herb.

Nutritional Profile of Ginseng

The most prominent and well known content of Ginseng is Ginsenosides; complex carbohydrate compounds resembling human hormones; main and most active ingredients of Ginseng. About 29 Ginsenosides are found in the Ginseng, which are present along with several vitamins, minerals, nitrogenous compounds and carbohydrates.

Now, let me take you to the world of health benefits provided by Ginseng.

Reduces Stress and helps in fighting Fatigue

The property of Ginseng to introduce the production and release of large amounts of stress hormones in the blood has established its role as a powerful Adaptive Herb; as these hormones bring down the level of stress in the body automatically after being released in the blood stream.

Researches have also shown that a regular intake of Ginseng for a specified period of time helps in providing relief from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a condition for which complete treatment is not available till date. It is also helpful in combating general fatigue, which is a result of our daily work and stress.

Helps in controlling Diabetes

Several researches have shown that the Ginseng is capable of controlling the levels of sugars in the blood and thus, reduces the risk of Diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes.

Enhances sexual powers

Ginseng has been in use in China, as an aphrodisiac from ages; it is known to enhance the sexual powers, increase the production of testosterone, increase sperm count and also ensure a normal menstrual cycle with the help of the Ginsenosides, which directly impact the nervous system and the gonadal tissues. The Phytoestrogens are also present in the Ginseng, which stimulate the pituitary gland to release gonadotropins, thus, enhancing sexual activities.

Provides protection from various diseases and also supports in their treatment

Ginseng has been effective against various infections and diseases including cold, cough, neuralgia, rheumatism, headache, double vision and gout. It also protects the liver from the adverse effects of pollutants, toxins and alcohol. It also enhances the absorption of the nutrients internally in the body and helps in the treatment of gum problems.

Ginseng is anti-inflammatory

Researches have shown that, Ginseng has anti-inflammatory effect on your body. Other than the minerals and enzymes present in the Ginseng, the Ginsenosides, have a special role to play in reducing inflammation. During the studies, scientists found out that, seven out of none identified genocides can inhibit the expression of CXCL-10, an inflammatory gene; thus, resulting in reduced inflammation.

Supports in treatment against cancer

The genocides present in the Ginseng have also shown strong anti-tumor effects, thereby, killing the tumor causing cells, thus, leading to a reduced risk of cancer. Not only the Ginsenosides, the anti-oxidants present in the Ginseng are also helpful in curbing the cumulative cell damage, which often leads to cancer.

Boosts Immunity and also supports the Nervous System

You can take Ginseng to enhance your immunity, which is the resistance shown by your body against infections and diseases, as it stimulates the production of the antigens, which are responsible for fighting off these infections.

If you want to keep your memory sharp and increase your mental alertness, then also you can look towards the support that is provided by Ginseng, as it not only slows down the process of aging, but also helps in treatment of diseases related to memory loss, like; Alzheimer’s.

Supports Circulatory system and protects against heart diseases

Ginseng is also known to remove clotting from the blood, which are not helpful in reducing the chances of arterial clot formation but, also leads to a reduced risk of heart attacks. The genocides and the minerals present in the Ginseng also control the cholesterol levels, thus, keeps the heart as well as blood circulation safe and normal.

The properties that I have listed here are just a few as compared to the long list of benefits that can be derived from this herb. You can increase your virility, longevity as well fight fatigue and boost your immune system by introducing this herb in your life. But, despite of all these its better to have a complete picture of the product that you are going to use than an incomplete one, so before you start, let me tell you about the precautions that should be taken with the use of Ginseng.

Side Effects of Ginseng

The first thing to be considered is; you should take the advice of your physician before starting use of Ginseng and should always follow the recommended dosage. Other important thing is; you should not consume it regularly for a long period of time, as it can cause hypertension and insomnia on prolonged usage. So, use ginseng for 2 or 3 weeks, take a break of one or two weeks and then again follow the same pattern; it will keep you safe from the possible side effects like nausea, extreme sexual arousal, sleeplessness and restlessness. Over dosage of Ginseng may lead to bleeding, blurred vision, insomnia, fever, headaches and increased blood pressure. Even if you are on any medication, you should try to avoid the use of ginseng, or consult your doctor before use.

As we can see, there are not any prominent side effects of using Ginseng, and so what are left over are; benefits and qualities of this herb, which seem limitless. It has been used in China and Japan since ancient times, to improve their vitality and increase the Quality of Life. So, why don’t you also take a break from all of those expensive allopathic treatments and try your hand at a Natural product, that is; Ginseng, as you never know what miracle it can work on you!

Spirulina Health Benefits

Spirulina: A Complete Food; Not just a medication or heath supplement

What would you say if I were to ask you, let’s have some algae for food! Well, like most of the others not aware of Spirulina, you may think that’s absurd. So, let me tell you, its not absurd at all and you can actually have some algae for your food, although, not in its raw form! To relieve this confusion, let me tell you about Spirulina and further we will discuss about its benefits.

Spirulina is a Cyanobacterium or blue green algae and is cultivated as well as naturally found in the warm waters with alkaline pH. The Spirulina is made basically from Arthrospira maxima and Arthrospira platensis; two species of the cyanobacteria. This alga is available in the market in flakes, tablets, capsules and powdered form, which can be used directly for the consumption purposes.

Many scientists and biological societies have been researching on Spirulina for a long time to establish its potential as a Perfect Food and it has the approval of both WHO and FDA as a Health Food consisting of essential amino acids. In fact, both MELISSA (European Space Agency) and NASA have proposed the fact that, Spirulina can be used as the primary food during the space missions which are meant for long terms, as it contains nearly all the required components that human body needs for survival and health.

What is Spirulina made up of?

Well, technically, Spirulina is made of Cyanobacteria, but, chemically, it contains about 60 percent of protein, which includes all the essential amino acids and most of the non-essential amino acids; thus, making it superior to all the other plant proteins. It also contains sufficient quantity of Vitamins B12, B1, B3, B9 and Vitamin A along with approximately 7 percent of lipids including GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), LA (Linoleic Acid) and ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) and some others. The Nucleic acids, namely; RNA and DNA, also form an important component of Spirulina, and the major content is of RNA, about 2 to 3.5 percent.

Carbohydrates are also found in Spirulina, which constitute about 13 percent of it and it is also a good source of minerals like Iron, potassium, copper, calcium, chromium, sodium, selenium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese. The list of the pigments present in Spirulina is also not small and it contains beta carotene, xanthophylls, chlorophyll-a, Zeaxanthin and many more such pigments as found in the algae.

Too much of composition: Now, let’s have a look at the benefits that it can give.

Enhances your brain activity

If you study continuously or do rigorous mental exercise without taking a break, your brain becomes exhausted after some time. The reason behind this is; the brain uses up all the RNA that is present inside it and thus, it becomes deficient RNA which leads to exhaustion. Now, if you take Spirulina, it immediately supplies your body with this RNA, which in turn, increases the capacity of your brain, thus, allowing you to work for a longer time.

Protects against various diseases including Cancer and HIV

The Spirulina is being extensively researched for its effectiveness in protecting and providing cure against several diseases; researches have shown that regular inclusion of Spirulina in diet has not only prevented occurrence of the diseases like HIV and Cancer, but, has also supported their treatment.

  • Spirulina is recommended in liver problems; as it provides strength to the liver and helps it in detoxifying.
  • It is also effective in reducing hypertension and preventing Strokes by removing the cholesterol from the system.
  • Spirulina is also effective against preventing both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia by maintaining the sugar levels in blood.
  • It is also useful in Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension, reduces stress and prevents heart diseases.

Protects against the Diseases related to brain and nervous system

Spirulina helps in maintaining the neuron function of the brain and also reduces the damage caused by free radicals, by removing them from the system. This result in protection against the dangerous diseases related to the aging of the brain cells like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Spirulina also decreases the occurrence of lesions in the brain, making it more efficient and healthy.

Improves Digestion and also alleviates gastro-enteric disorders

Spirulina is very easy to digest and is easily assimilated in the body, thus, helping those who have a digestive problem. Studies have also shown that the Spirulina can prevent the chances of gastro-enteric infection and also lower the level of gastro enteric distress; this feature of Spirulina can be attributed to the presence of several minerals and specially Iron in it. It also promotes the growth of the intestinal bacteria, which not only makes the process of digestion smooth, but, also enhances the rate of absorption of nutrients in the capillaries.

Protects against allergies and strengthen immune system

Researches have shown that, Spirulina is very effective in fighting allergies including Rhinitis. A regular dosage of Spirulina makes the blood cells in the body including lymphocytes and macrophages stronger and thus, leads to a stronger immunity.

Spirulina is Anti-inflammatory

Spirulina contains mucopolysaccharides and phycocyanin, a strong anti-inflammatory agent, which reduce the inflammations by relaxing and strengthening the connective tissue. This results in a reduced severity of Arthritis and even provides relief from inflammation in the lesions caused by Oral cancer.

As you can see, Spirulina can be used for almost any purpose; as a stress buster, as a health supplement to build body muscles, as an energy booster and also for maintaining the hormonal balance in the body. Its properties don’t end here, as it is a great way to balance your dietary requirements and also fulfill your energy needs. It is considered great for athletes and also those people who are into vigorous exercising, as it prevents any deficiency in the body and enhances the metabolism.

We are not finished here, as I am going to tell you about some of the precautions that you should take before starting its intake.

Side Effects of using Spirulina

The possibility of side effects with Spirulina is very less, but nevertheless, you should be aware of them; So, I am giving the details of possible side effects of this food:

  • Some of the Cyanobacterium is known to produce toxins like BMAA and microcystins; and if your Spirulina contains that Cyanobacterium, it is most likely to contain these toxins also: So, please check the brand and the quality before buying these Spirulina tablets from stores.
  • People suffering from Phenylketonuria; a rare genetic disorder where the amino acid, phenylalanine can not be metabolized by the body of the patient and so, it accumulates in the brain, resulting in damage of the brain tissues, should avoid the use of Spirulina, as it contains Phenylalanine.
  • People undergoing anticoagulant treatment are also needed to seek advice from their doctors before increasing or decreasing the amount of Spirulina in their diet, as it contains Vitamin K.

These are some of the possible adverse effects of Spirulina, which can be easily avoided, by taking precautions. But, in comparison to these effects, the qualities that are possessed by this product are immense, which can not be over shadowed or ignored. Purchase Spirulina wisely and start including it in your daily food regime; this way you take the first step towards the goal of a healthier body and longer life.

Wheat Grass: A name synonymous with good health

Wheat grass was introduced to the West by an agricultural chemist; Charles F. Schnabel, who started using wheat grass for curing his hens! But, don’t get confused; here we are going to talk about the benefits that Wheat Grass provides to human beings and not hens. But, first of all, let me introduce you to the Wheat Grass.


Wheat Grass: It is the cotyledon or the first leaves of the wheat plant; it can be grown both indoors and outdoors and is ready for harvesting within 8 to 14 days. It is available in both powdered as well as liquid or juice form for usage in the market: because of its nutrient composition, it is considered a complete food in itself.

Nutrient Composition of wheat grass

We just talked about the wheat grass being considered as complete food, because of its nutrient composition, now, let me tell you what it contains, to be named the Complete Food. It contains 10 non-essential and 8 essential amino acids including Arginine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Valine, Leucine, Methionine, Aspartic acid and Glycine. It also contains more than 90 compounds including Chlorophyll and minerals like Sulphur, Selenium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Sodium, Phosphorus and Zinc along with several Enzymes and Vitamins. It is very rich in Beta carotene and the vitamins of vitamin B complex including Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B17 in addition to Vitamin C and E.

Now, since you know the composition of Wheat Grass, let’s have a look at the benefits that it has to offer.

Detoxifies your body

The Saponin found in the wheat grass is known to support the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing the toxins from the body cells. It also helps in removing the decaying matter and solid wastes from the body, thus, helping in detoxifying all the body systems including, liver and digestive system.

Cleanses blood and improves the RBC count

The Wheat grass cleans our blood by removing the toxins from it and also maintains its pH. It contains chlorophyll which is similar to RBCs in composition, the only difference is; RBCs have Iron but, Chlorophylls have Magnesium at their center. So, as you consume wheat grass, the chlorophylls tend to convert to RBCs easily and even production of RBCs is increased, which results in an increased RBC count in the blood.

Provides energy and enhances the physical stamina

The Wheat grass is a power house of various nutrients including minerals, enzymes and vitamins along with carbohydrates. It is readily absorbed in the blood and to provide instant energy and also enhances the stamina because of its nutritional content.

Keeps your skin flawless and pimple free

The anti-oxidants present in the wheat grass reduce the aging of cells and prevent appearance of wrinkles and fine lines over the skin. It also helps in clearing away the scars of acne and pimples and reduces their chances of occurrence by cleansing the blood and preventing infection.

Helps in combating Anemia and Thalassemia

Wheat grass has been beneficial in providing the required help to the body to fight Thalassemia and Anemia; both conditions leading to reduced quantity of blood in the body. Studies have shown that the requirement of the blood transfusions substantially decrease if these patients are given wheat grass juice daily.

Strengthens the body immune system

The anti-bacterial properties of the wheat grass result in stronger body immune system of the person consuming it, in any form; be it powdered or liquid. It also supports the blood and removes toxins from the body, leading to increased immunity against diseases.

Good for maintaining reproductive health

Wheat Grass is said to help in normal functioning of the reproductive systems of both male and female. It also helps in maintaining the normal menstrual cycle in women and even provides them the strength to conceive.

Gives you a healthy and problem free hair

The wheat grass is known to prevent the graying of the hair and also removing dandruff, which results in long and healthy hair.

Protects the body against various ailments

Wheat Grass provides protection against several diseases including Leukemia, Paralysis, Asthma, Insomnia, Arthritis and even cancer along with the other digestion related ailments like Diabetes, Ulcers, Acidity and Piles. This characteristic of the Wheat Grass is due to its strong anti-bacterial nature and presence of several compounds and minerals in it.

Researches have also given preliminary evidences of the capability of wheat grass to combat Ulcerative Colitis, leukemia and colon cancer; this can be due to the presence of chlorophyll in it, as it has anti-carcinogenic properties. Researches have shown that regular consumption of wheat grass leads to reduced risk of breast cancer and also helps in its treatment.

Not only helps in loosing extra kilos but also in putting them on if needed:

Wheat grass is very helpful for people on diet regime as it does not contain any fat or cholesterol and so its components are easily absorbed in the body; making it an excellent choice for shedding those extra kilos. But, simultaneously, it contains 18 amino acids including 8 essential amino acids, which make up for a substantial protein content, required for building the body muscles, thus, it can help in putting on the needed weight at the right places in your body also, along with, reducing the excess weight from the wrong places!

With these above mentioned benefits, the wheat grass also dilutes the capillaries and controls the high blood pressure levels, thus, preventing the chances of stroke and is also known to further improve digestion and enhance the metabolism of the body.

The list does not end here; as new benefits of this natural product are being discovered by the scientists all over the world every day.

Side Effects of Wheat Grass

The only possible side effects resulting from usage of wheat grass are; stomach discomfort and headache, and that too, when you have started its consumption for the first time, but, as the usage continues, these symptoms also disappear.

People having allergies of any kind, from wheat should avoid using wheat grass in any form, as, it can trigger those allergies.

As you can see, from the information that I have provided, Wheat Grass is one of the major natural blessing which does not come with any significant side effect; so, what are you waiting for? Go to the market and bring home, some of this amazing product and start experiencing the difference!


Honey Health Benefits

Honey: A Tasty Treat with numerous health benefits

What is Honey? Honey is the result of hard work of honey bees; they prepare honey by collecting the nectars from the flowers in their mouth, mixing it with their saliva and various enzymes and finally depositing it as honey on the walls of their hives to be used later as food. Honey is golden brown in color and sweet in taste. Though, you can get honey all round the year, but, the best time is during summers or fall when it is harvested fresh.

Honey is found in most of the homes and as we know, it has been used for consumption throughout the world, from ancient times, but recently, the awareness has increased regarding its qualities. You know: the honey contains about 600 different compounds; and we don’t know about all of them as they are under the process of being discovered still!

Well, further I am going to tell you about the benefits that, this wonderful natural product has to offer, but first, let us understand the components of honey; which are responsible for its various qualities.

What are the components of honey?

Honey primarily, contains sugar along with other compounds; the sugars present in the honey include fructose (38%), glucose (31%), maltose (7%) and sucrose (1%) along with some other complex carbohydrates. In addition to sugars, the honey contains little amounts of other compounds like catalase, vitamin C, B2, B3, B5, B6, chrysin, pinocembrin and pinobanksin along with 17% of water and traces of zinc, sodium, potassium, Iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Now, as you known what this honey contains, lets get to the benefits that it provides.

Gives instant energy to your body

Honey contains glucose, which on entering in the body gets readily absorbed by the body cells, thus, giving an immediate energy boost. This is why, it is called as the “Nature’s Energy Booster.”

Provides support to your weight loss regime

It is a well known fact that if you take honey with warm water daily, then it will help in digesting the excess fat stored in the body. Even honey with cinnamon and lemon h=juice have also been proven to show positive effects in inducing shedding of those extra kilos from your body.

Gives your immunity a boost

The honey is known to support the immune system by increasing the white blood cells count, in the blood and also inducing the bone marrow, to produce more of these cells. These white blood cells are responsible for destroying the pathogens that attack the body cells and so they are vital for improving the immunity system.

The Nutraceuticals, present in honey destroy the free radicals, improving immunity.

Heals your wounds

Honey is anti-microbial in nature and acts as a natural antiseptic which makes it very effective in healing the wounds; as it not only kills the germs but, it also prevents further infections. The honey promotes autolytic debridement, deodorizes the wounds and promotes the healing by stimulating the tissues of the wound to start regenerating.

Controls the blood sugar level and also protects your heart

Honey is termed as the ‘Ideal fuel’ for liver: the reason being the ratio of glucose to fructose which is found in it, that is 1:1. The fructose unlocks those enzymes which covert glucose to glycogen and thus, the glucose that enters in the liver, is readily converted to glycogen and stored in the liver. This storage of glycogen in the liver is very essential as it acts as a fuel for our brain while we are sleeping or working out.

Honey also helps in maintaining the sugar levels in the blood, thus, reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. It also helps in controlling the blood pressure levels and thus, provides protection against cardiovascular disorders.

Provides treatment for various disorders and diseases

Researchers all over the world are studying the properties of honey with regards to its role in prevention and cure of several diseases including cancer. It has been found that, the honey contains anti-carcinogenic compounds, which can inhibit the growth of cancer; though not to a very large extent, but definitely worth trying!

Honey contains several anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compounds which can help in providing treatment for various diseases like colitis, conjunctivitis and ocular allergies along with other daily infections. The honey has also been found to kill the drug resistant bacteria during various experiments.

Good for hangovers

You have taken too much alcohol and are suffering from hangover the next morning? Try this; take honey, orange juice and yoghurt, blend them together and drink it in the morning. You will get instant relief! This is because; the honey acts as ‘Sobering agent’ by speeding up the alcohol oxidation in the stomach and is gentle on the stomach as well.

Helps in treatment of Insomnia

If you are suffering from Insomnia, you can try this: Take a glass of hot milk, mix a teaspoon of honey in it and drink before going to sleep. You will feel relieved, as it calms the brain and induces sleep. Even if you take honey with chamomile tea; it helps in soothing your brain and thus, helps in curing insomnia or sleeplessness.

Helps in curing sore throats

Honey has strong anti-microbial properties, so, when you take honey with warm water or with lemon juice & salt mixture, it clears your throat and kills the infection that is causing it. No doubt, many singers take honey before going on the stage for performance!

The Precautions to be taken while consuming honey

The side effects of the honey depend on the quality of pollen that has been used to make it. However, certain precautions should be taken while consuming honey:

  • Don’t give honey to the infants below one year of age, as there are chances that the endospores of the Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium may be present in the honey in dormant condition, which when given to infants can result in botulism, which can be dangerous and in rare cases even fatal for the infants.
  • The honey which is made from the pollen of certain flowers like oleanders, mountain laurels and azaleas may contain toxic substances which can cause dizziness, nausea, weakness and vomiting and in extreme cases convulsions, low blood pressure and irregular heart beat and even in rare cases death.

You should always check the source of honey before using it and should prefer honey which has been commercial processed, as in such cases; the risks reduce to a minimum level.

It can be assured that, if the quality of the honey is good, the benefits that its regular usage is going to give you will be enormous. So, you can start consuming honey from today itself, as not only it offers multiple health benefits, but it also is a tasty way to start as well as finish your day perfectly.

Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut water: The multipurpose Energy drink provided by the nature

Coconut water is the nature’s own soft drink and as you further read this article you will understand why we call it with this name. The name of the Coconut water is not new to many people as in most of the tropical region like Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands the Coconut water is synonymous with a sweet and refreshing drink, which refreshes the body as well as the mind of the person. Coconut water is found inside the young and tender fruits of Coconut palm and is clear in color. It is a hub of qualities and so the popularity of this drink is increasing with each passing day as the people are becoming more and more aware of this amazing natural product.

The younger the coconut, the greater is the quantity of water that is stored inside it, the reason is, as the coconut matures the amount of water in it reduces and it is replaced by air and coconut meat. The coconut water is sold with the name of “Natural Sports Drink” in many places around the world because of its healthy and pure nature. The coconut water is uncontaminated and infection free and has been used in certain places as a replacement of medical saline to give intravenous injections for restoring hydration of the body.

The Coconut water is high in the terms of its potassium as well as mineral content and is considered a healthy and energy boosting drink. So, if you have not started taking this drink till now then, you are really missing on something which can give you immense health benefits. Let me tell you about the qualities and ingredients of this drink first.

What makes the Coconut Water so special?

As I have mentioned above, the coconut water contains Potassium in quite a large amount along with several other minerals but, it also contains several anti-oxidants and Cytokinins which gives it several unique properties. A 100 ml of coconut water will give you about 294 mg of potassium, 25 mg of Sodium, 5 mg natural sugars and 118 mg of Chloride which makes it far better that other energy drinks that are available in the world. The other ingredients of the Coconut water include Calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus, glucose, vitamin B, proteins and Vitamin C and it does not contain any fat or sugar.

If you go for comparing then, you will be surprised to know that coconut water is way better than any other drink, including milk as it has lesser fat and no cholesterol, orange juice as it has lesser calories and even processed baby milk as it contains the Lauric acid which is found in the milk of the human mother.

The list of the properties of coconut water does not end here as it is called as the Universal Donor and the reason is its configuration, which is identical to the blood plasma of human beings. That is why, at places where saline is not available, people use Coconut IV to save their patients. So, it can be seen that coconut water is not just a drink; it has saved hundreds of lives in case of emergencies including those of the soldiers of the third world countries which were injured during the wars.

The coconut water is also called as the Natural Isotonic Beverage as the electrolyte balance present in the Coconut water is same as that of our blood and that is why, it is also known as the fluid of life. Now, let us see, what are the benefits that this coconut water has to offer?

Hydrates your body and supports the Circulatory System

As mentioned above the Coconut water is the perfect Natural Isotonic Beverage which when consumed, easily mixes into the circulatory system and provides relief from dehydration and rejuvenates the cells. It also helps in maintaining the body temperature and keeping it cool and if you consume coconut water after exercise, it will naturally replenish your body fluids, thus, you will not feel weak or dehydrated.

Coconut water also boosts the blood circulation in your body and removes the toxins. It is also of great help in carrying the oxygen and nutrients to the cells where they will be further used for metabolism.

Supports Digestion and helps in removing stones

  • The Bioactive enzymes present in the Coconut water including acid phosphatase, diastase, catalase, peroxidase, dehydrogenase, and RNA polymerases and some others play an important role in the process of digestion by facilitating the breaking down of the food components and aiding in their absorption inside the digestive tract.
  • The Coconut water also helps in cleaning the digestive tract by removing the harmful toxins from it and thus preventing stomach infections and irregularities of the digestive system.
  • Coconut water also helps in breaking the urethral and kidney stones in smaller pieces so that they could be excreted out of the system with urine.
  • It also helps in normalizing the functioning of the intestine and increases the rate of metabolism along with providing relief from spasms and stomachache.
  • You can also get rid of your intestinal worms by taking a mixture of coconut water and one teaspoon of olive oil orally for three days continuously as the Monolaurin, an anti-bacterial present in the coconut water together with Olive Oil helps in killing these unwanted guests of the intestine.
  • The Lauric acid found in coconut water helps in healing the disorders of the digestive tract like Leaky Gut Syndrome and also the damage that is caused by the toxins and antibiotics.

Enhances Metabolism and helps in Weight loss

As we known that the bioactive enzymes are present in the coconut water which not only improve digestion but also enhance the rate of metabolism of the body. Thus, more fats are burned and nutrients are readily absorbed in the body fluids. This results in the consumption of excess fats and thus, helps in weight loss. Also as the coconut water contains nominal amount of fat and carbohydrates in it so drinking coconut water will satisfy your thirst, provide you with essential nutrients and will also not accumulate in your body.

The people who are suffering from obesity caused due to improper functioning of their Thyroid glands can also take the help of Coconut water as it helps in regulating the thyroid mechanism of your body and thus, reducing the excess weight.

Controls Diabetes

Coconut water is also good for people suffering from Diabetes as it not only improves the blood circulation which is required in the case of such patients but also does not contain too much of natural sugars which may be harmful to them. The dietary fibers and amino acids present in the coconut water are also very helpful in improving the insulin sensitivity of the body cells of patients suffering from Diabetes.

Protects Against the Cardiovascular Disorders

The coconut water is also known to have the potential of reducing the chances of heart attack; this is done by the magnesium and potassium present in the Coconut water which reduces the level of high blood pressure ultimately leading to reduced risk of heart attacks. Coconut water also helps in prevention of Atherosclerosis, a condition where plaque formation occurs in the arteries blocking them, resulting in strokes and several other heart ailments.

Helps in prevention and cure of several diseases and infections

The coconut water not only detoxifies, but it also fights viruses which have a lipid coating and are cause of several infections and diseases including Flu, Herpes and even AIDS. It has also shown to have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties in addition to these antiviral properties and is very helpful in killing the pathogenic bacteria. Even physicians subscribe the coconut water twice a day in case of several diseases like malaria, jaundice, typhoid, flu and fever to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body and also to prevent further infection.

Provides support to the immune system and also prevents aging

The Cytokinins present in the coconut water have a strong anti-aging effect and so they help in delaying the onset of age related diseases and also the degenerative diseases. They also prevent the skin from loosing its elasticity and sagging thus preventing appearance of wrinkles and further promote the process of cellular regeneration.

The Lauric acid present in the coconut water gets converted to monolaurin which is a fatty acid derivative with the properties of fighting different types of infections and diseases. This monolaurin enhances the immunity in the body by increasing the ability of the body to fight different external as well as internal infections.

Reduces the risk of cancer and Balances the pH of the body

As mentioned previously, the Coconut Water contains Cytokinins, which show a strong anti-aging effect. These Cytokinins along with showing anti-aging effects also show the anti-thrombotic and anti-carcinogenic effects thus, helping in prevention of cancer and other diseases.

The pH level of the body is also maintained by the coconut water as it has the same composition as our plasma and so if you feel dehydrated or weak, all you need to do is take some coconut water orally. You will get instant relief.

Other Benefits of coconut Water

The Coconut water offers several more benefits other than those mentioned above. These are:

  • It is a Natural Diuretic, thus it is very helpful in the treatment as well as the prevention of diseases related to Urinary system of our body like UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)
  • It is great for reducing hangovers
  • It is very helpful in reducing the swellings in hands & feet
  • It provides an instant relief in burns
  • It is very helpful in curing and preventing the liver problems like hepatitis.
  • Coconut water can also cure malnourishment and is suitable as a natural drink for the infants suffering from problems related to intestine.
  • Coconut water works miraculously to relieve the hot flashes and burning sensations in the menopausal women and also help restore their emotional stability.
  • It is great for pregnant women as it helps in providing relief from constipation, heartburn and sluggish digestion which are generally faced by the women during pregnancy.
  • Coconut water is great for the patients suffering from diarrhea and cholera to restore their body fluids.

Coconut is a palm that has been put to several uses from ancient times and still it has maintained its place in our daily lives. The Coconut water is not only used for consumption purpose but can also be used for applying on skin and hair to keep them healthy and flawless. Thus, you can find the use of coconut water in all your requirements and to top it all, it has not shown any possible side effect which makes it the perfect drink in the world.

The coconut water is a gift of nature and it is the best drink that anyone can have to boost their energy as well as moral. All its benefits have awarded it the name of “Nature’s own soft drink”. So, you don’t need to wait anymore, start including it in your daily diet I am sure that you will feel the difference in yourself within a few days.